Neli - Mississauga Escot

Age 22
Height 5\'4
Size 35c-23-35
Languages English

1 hour £240 £

Neli is a ravishing beauty with a great smile and a full-bodied figure...pretty typical for a high-class personal escort, wouldnt you say? But look beneath the exterior-and it is a stunningly amazing exterior, make no mistake about it-and you will get to know a fun-loving and deliciously naughty temptress with a taste for unusual pleasures. As gorgeous and eye catching as she is, Neli stands apart from all the other escorts you see here on the strength of something else apart from her looks. Of course, Neli is pretty pleasing to the eye, and in fact, that would be a bit of an understatement. The velvety skin of her face framed by luscious fragrant hair, Neli has eyes that you just want to sink into, and lips that offer a promise of numerous untold delights. She also has a remarkable figure as you would expect, with a generously proportioned body capped with marvelous breasts, a lean midsection, and a round and soft derriere. If all you are after is a sexy vixen, Neli will fit the bill in more ways than one. But if you add in her penchant for naughtiness and a bit of a wild streak that you will barely be able to contain, Neli will surely exceed all your expectations in a personal escort.


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