Carol - Mississauga Escot

Age 20
Height 5\'4
Size 35c-23-35
Languages English

1 hour £250 £

From the moment you lay eyes on Carol, there is no mistaking that you are in for the ride of your life. Gorgeous, stunning, and sexy, all of these are words that might come to mind when you have a need to describe Carol. As appropriate as they are (and they definitely are) they somehow are not adequate to describe the hot, vivacious package that you behold before you. In fact, Carol is one of those women that you simply must get to know up close and personal before you even start to gain a real appreciation for her. In terms of sheer physical beauty, Carol also has a significant edge over personal escorts. With a figure that you just do not see every day, she has a stunning physical presence that really draws you in and makes you fall under her spell. Full-figured and buxom, this stunning beauty nevertheless has a litheness and sensual aura that gives you a clear idea of what she is all about. Fun and adventure is what Carol is all about, and you are invited to join in the festivities. Get useful ready though, because once your date gets started, you are definitely going to be in for an experience that you will remember fondly for years.


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